Apex Legends Bangalore Guide! Pro Tips and Advice!

How to play Bangalore! Welcome to the awesome Bangalore guide! In this video I’ll show you how to use Bangalore to win more games! She’s a highgly aggressive character capable of taking high speed engagements! Let’s break down all her abilities and show you how to play Bangalore!

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  1. Dont waste 2 smokes on a revive. And dont use the ultimate while pushing only defensively. Dont push others smoke especially if its out in the open.

  2. Panicked seeing a Caustic at the start of a game. He turned to run (which is what I Should Have Done Also) and I just hit him right in the ass with smoke. His Wraith teammate got me. RIP

  3. When I want to pull back with Bangalore, I simply face my ennemies and throw my ult to my feet than run the other direction. The artillery moves forward the direction you threw it so be careful with that. What this does is that they panic and often split their team each side of your ult so they dont get damage. Then when their split it’s much easier to kill them

  4. Another tip: Smoke a little in front of you as bangalore, you can use it as cover and if you have a digital threat you can shoot them through the smoke and they won't know where you are.

  5. As of latley when I play Bangalore her passive doesn't activate when shot at and or if I get hit she completely stops moving when shot. Someone said that it was my controller until they saw it happen first hand.

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