APEX LEGENDS: Advanced Tips & Mechanics – Climb any surface, boost jump, improve visibility & more!

Apex Legends has many advanced movement mechanics that you might not be completely aware of. This will provide tips on how to improve your overall gameplay and increase your traversal options in the game.

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    I really appreciate the nuanced traversal mechanics in Apex Legends. These are incredibly useful for those who learn to hone them, but not required to succeed if you just want to play more traditionally. This makes the game have a healthy skill ceiling that allows anyone to pick it up but remains somewhat difficult to master.
    Thanks for watching! – Deadite

  2. That clamber tip is useful!
    I feel so dumb now, I've been using jump and forward to try and climb but I never fully make it beyond the basic wall height climbs and always have to use open doors to climb into roofs.
    I'm gonna try your way now just forward and it should self climb?

  3. Any solution or fix for the rubberbanding issues? I don't have online connectivity issues with any online game. My PC hardware is beyond the requirements. It makes playing it impossible.

  4. i never played titanfall on PC but instantly figured out the slingshot mechanic and the rest of these mechanics just came naturally being a big fan of the first 2 titanfall games.

  5. pro tips missed is understanding numbers and health. if you understand health pools and armor you can tell what it takes to finish somebody off. two dont try to finish off enemy players, you waste time resources and pretty much waiting to be shot by the person coming for the giant player in trouble icon displayed over them. use them as traps for people coming to save them, downing all three is much easier and who ever down the last player gets all three kills. last tip is understanding weapon default modes. hemlock can shoot single shot if you can for long distant take downs and more accurate shots. other weapons can do the same and understanding this can allow you to take any weapon you cant handle into a much more manageable beast. best tip to learn this is by doing the tutorial to learn which weapon can do which as well and learn damage numbers. last tip stick to your fxxxxking squad!!!! be in line of sight at all times dont detach to investigate another base. call out enemies if you see them dont engage with two on ones and if you dont know where a attack is coming from immediately disengage using your abilities dont have a firefight when you already lost your shield.

  6. You missed the best thing about this game: opening doors with an air kick! Its so dawn rude that I only open doors like this now! My team all seeking loot while I just enter building opening doors with air kicks, I even scream "BAAAM!" on the mic everytime I do this to make it sound even more rude

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