A TYPICAL DAY IN APEX LEGENDS – winning games, losing games, solo queue, funny moments, clutch plays, sad times, and most importantly having some loser narrate his adventures. This is Apex Legends, my fav game to play.

Hope you all enjoyed this one, it took a lot longer to make than I thought but there it is. Coming soon, my solo queue iron crown adventure fails!

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  1. you play with randoms? oh god no…
    get friends. it helps a lot
    i went to max level with randoms, it was hell
    but when i got friends we won a lot more matches even though my friends suck way more than me (but i still suck)

  2. I love this video so much. I just keep coming back to it. Keep up the great work, love your vids because they're real. People watching all the pros getting 15 kills every game, where they don't even have fun anymore but you show the reality for most people playing this game but in a fun way.

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